Our Main Product Is Great Customer Service
We Also Have A Few Other Things We're Certain You'll Like

Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles - Our primary product is always going to be great customer service.  We just happen to deliver that to you through quality pre-owned vehicles with the right financing instrument to meet your budget.  We operate with a zero hassle and zero pressure environment.  If the timing is not right for you with one of the vehicles we currently have in stock, we're certain that with a little time and patience, we'll be able to find the right one for you.     

GAP Insurance - In the unfortunate event of an accident, you'll want GAP Insurance on your side.  We offer excellent GAP Insurance through our lending partners which will cover you financially in the event of an unfortunate incident with your vehicle.  We're concerned about the safety of you and your family.  GAP Insurance will take care of any financial gap in the vehicle should you find yourself in a Total Loss situation. Cars are replaceable.  You're not.  

Optional Service Contracts - We'll get you aligned with the right Service Contract that will care for your vehicle when the unexpected happens.  Cars are man made machines and they have "sick days".  Our lenders offer great programs that will help your vehicle through a sick day. 

Credit Improvement Programs * -  Nothing will get you back on track to improved credit faster than a lender that reports to the three major bureaus.  Our lenders reports to all three.  With your diligent attention to your financial responsibility with respect to your vehicle, you can be assured that the three major bureaus will be made aware of how dedicated you are to improving your credit position.  We look forward to showing you some tools to help you work on improving your overall credit profile.

Credit Monitoring Programs * - As you get started on your path to improved credit through a quality pre-owned vehicle from Car Loan California, one of the most important things to consider is how you're progressing towards that end goal.  It is important to have a second set of eyes looking out for you making sure that your identity is safe and secure.  We are happy to point you in the direction of some great programs which will keep an eye on your improving credit profile even while you're asleep at night.     


Auto Club Memberships Recommendations ** - We want you to be covered in the event that you experience a flat tire or even if you run out of gas.  Those things happen.  We're delighted to help guide you through the enrollment into your State's Auto Club Membership.  We want you home safely with your family.  Not on the side of the interstate fixing flat tires or wondering how to get a gallon of gas.  

* www.carloanCalifornia.com is not a service providers for Credit Improvement of Credit Monitoring programs.  These are services and program offered and provided by third-party providers which may or may not require a subscription fee either on an annual or monthly basis.  Your participation in either type of service is optional and not required as a part of your vehicle purchase from Car Loan California.

** www.carloanCalifornia.com is not affiliated with the Auto Club in any particular State.  Any and all expenses for services or products incurred are at the expense of the Member.  Your participation in the Auto Club Membership is optional and not required as a part of your vehicle purchase from Car Loan California.