We Understand That Life Can Feel Like Juggling Sometimes
That's Why Our Lenders Are Pros At Working With Many Different Financial Situations With The Understanding That It Is Your Financial Future We're Focussed On More Than Your Financial Past

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy can be viewed in several ways. We choose to view it as a fresh start that will come with a new opportunity to re-establish yourself financially.  Even with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our lenders will be hard at work finding the right financing structure for you and your vehicle.      

Debt to Income Ratio Imbalance - Sometimes the expenses in life get a little higher than the income. That happens to everyone at some point and if it hasn't yet, you can feel rest assured that it will.  It's just "life" and there's no reason to feel down about it.  Helping you stabilize your expense structure through the proper pre-owned vehicle and loan arrangement will help you along the way to improved financial balance.   

Limited and/or Fixed Income - Limited or Fixed Income means one thing to our lending partners and that is this...you are stable and consistent in your income structure each week, month and year.  With proper maintenance of the income to expense ratio over time with respect to your limited or fixed income situation, we can position you properly in the right quality pre-owned vehicle to maintain that stability on the expense side of the equation.

SSI/Disability Income - With Car Loan California's lending partners, your SSI or Disability Income represents your ability to secure a pre-owned vehicle through us and our lending partners will structure the right loan instrument for your personal situation.  

Unemployment Income - We have all had hiccups in our employment situations. Maybe you're between jobs or working through a career change?  That's 100% ok. We'll get you back on the road to that next job interview so you're well on your way to that next great employment opportunity


Lower Income Levels - Here's the funny thing about income levels.  Whatever yours is currently, it never feels like enough right?  You're not alone.  That's human nature.  Think about it this way...if you make $22,000/year, it sure would be nice to make $44,000/year right?  Well, the same goes for folks that make $200,000/year in that they sure would like to make $400,000/year.  It's never enough.  What you make is enough for our lenders to position you properly based on your current income.  Here at Car Loan California, we keep expectations realistic and we communicate those right from the get go.

Previous Repossessions - Even if you've had difficulty maintaining your car payment in the past, we stay focussed on your tomorrow...not your yesterday.  Our lenders will take a look at how they can help get you back on the road through a secured asset in a vehicle from Car Loan California.

Multiple Open Auto Loans - Families often have needs for more than one vehicle.  Our lenders understand that you've got to get the kids to school and then to soccer practice and then to day care and then over to your parents for some free babysitting and then you've got to get to work.  And you've got to do it all at the same time and that can require multiple vehicles.  One for you, one for your partner or spouse and maybe even one for you newly licensed teen driver.  We can work with you to help you secure that second or third vehicle to make your demanding daily schedule that much easier.