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How The Winding Road Becomes A Straight Path

Our Story at carloanCalifornia.com

Here at www.carloanCalifornia.com, the goal is a simple one:  To help you get back on the road in a quality pre-owned vehicle at a monthly payment that is affordable and manageable.  You can count on us doing our part in providing you the vehicle and the right financing arrangements.  We'll count on you to do your part of working hard to meet the obligations that come with vehicle ownership.   

Maybe a challenged personal credit situation is creating difficulty as you pursue your next pre-owned vehicle loan?  Maybe a challenged credit profile is holding you up from purchasing a home?  We understand.  We've been there.  At www.carloanCalifornia.com, we realize that unexpected and challenging financial situations happen so we operate with the understanding that

"A Bend In The Road Is The End Of The Road Only If You Fail To Make The Turn"  

Our business model works quite a bit differently than the "other guys" up and down the street.  We spend exactly zero time and zero dollars on expensive props or fancy, gimmicky advertising.  We don't participate in selling you overpriced junk you don't need or want.  We don't take pictures of you in front of the car you just bought and plaster them all over the internet because we respect your right to privacy.  We have no flailing arm wavy airman.  We have no free popcorn or bottles of water.  

What do we do and what do we have?  It's really simple.  We have the most time effective and efficient car buying process in the entire industry.  You will work directly with the decision maker 100% of the time through your financing and purchasing experience.  None of that, "I've got to go ask my manager" game.  We provide you a boutique type experience in our small office setting in beautiful San Diego, California and we absolutely guarantee you that we will get your financed and on your way in a quality pre-owned vehicle in very short order.   No games.  No gimmicks.  No popcorn.  No flailing arm airman.  Just apply, approved, drive.  It's that simple. 

Here at www.carloanCalifornia.com, we are committed to working hard to position you properly in one of our quality pre-owned vehicles and our lending partners are committed to providing you with the right financing program and opportunity to secure that vehicle from our dealership.  So in a nutshell, who are we?  We're www.carloanCalifornia.com, and we're here to help you make the turn.

Let's start with some Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's.  It is important to us that you browse through them and it is more important to us that if you have any additional questions, you give us a call, send us a text or send us an email.  We're here to help with any and all questions you may have.  

Phone, email, text, carrier pigeon...however you like to communicate, we're here to help via any medium you prefer.  

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